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Kruger Game Drive Souvenir

360° Video Memento

Example 360° Souvenir Cost

Remember and Relive Your Safari In Detail

Your best five Kruger game drive sightings included in a 360° video

Two of your own photographs and/or one video of each sighting superimposed on the 360° footage of the same scene

Guide commentary of each sighting included

Also include any other remembrance photos/videos of your Kruger safari (selfies, accommodation, landscapes etc) superimposed onto a relevant 360° background

Watch on any device, desktop pc, laptop, mobile, tablet and vr headset

Footage length determined by sightings duration, guide commentary and number of additional photos/videos added

Download the edited Kruger game drive souvenir video after completion

360° Kruger Game Drive Souvenir Example

Easy To Watch On A Computer

Mouse - After clicking play on the image, left click and hold anywhere on the 360° kruger game drive souvenir video and when the hand icon appears you can drag the picture around to any viewpoint of your choice.

Or, look around by clicking on this icon that appears in the top left hand corner of the 360° video. You can re-watch any portion of the video and scroll to a different angle if you missed it the first time.

Even Easier To Watch On A Mobile Phone

After clicking play on the video, look around by physically moving your cellphone left or right, up or down.

Or, If your phone doesn't have a gyroscope sensor, simply use your finger to explore the scene as you normally would. Move two fingers apart on the screen to zoom in and move them together again to zoom out.

Click Image To Play

Cost Of A 360° Game Drive Souvenir

This is the cost to hire the 360° photographer to join you on your safari game drive and record 360° footage as a souvenir, while you take your own photographs and videos to be added afterwards.


5 best 360° game drive sightings. Two of your own photographs and/or one video of each sighting included.

Add more of your own safari remembrance photographs/videos...

  • US$1
    For every extra photo (10 second display time).
  • US$1
    For every extra video (30 second maximum length).
Plus Photographer Travel Expenses

0.27 us cents per mile for the photographer to get to the game drive starting point.

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